Cyanuric chloride

Cyanuric chloride >98.50+% min. ( 1st. quality matter , extra pure , selected )


product name : Cyanuric chloride
product origin : 100% made in European Union (according to USP, EUP, ECHA-REACH)
synonyms : TCT
x : 2,4,6-Trichloro-1,3,5-triazine
purity grade : >98.50+% min. ( 1st. quality matter , extra pure , selected )
use : lab. / tech
product code : SA03442
C.A.S. number : 108-77-0
MDL : MFCD00006046
EINECS : 203-614-9
formula molecular : C3Cl3N3
formula weight : 184.41
melting point : 192 °C – 194 °C
flash point : >190 °C (374 °F)
density : 1.92
assay : >98.50% (Titration ex Chloride)
sensitivity & storage : keep cold ; moisture sensitive ; store under Nitrogen
solubility : soluble in acetone, diethyl ether, dioxane, chloroform, carbon tetrachloride and ketones ;
x : slightly soluble in methanol. Insoluble in cold water
appearance (color) : white
form : powder
application : reagent for detection of glycine in presence of other amino acids ; Cyanuric chloride is a
x : reagent used for the conversion of alcohols and carboxylic acids to alkyl chlorides and acid
x : chlorides respectively; it acts as an intermediate to prepare dyestuffs, optical brighteners ,
x : tanning agents, UV-absorbing agent, softening agents and pharmaceuticals; it is also used
x : as a precursor to dyes and crosslinking agents due to the presence of reactive chlorine
x : atoms; it’s used as a dehydrating agent as well as reacting with dimethylformamide to give
x : gold’s reagent, which is a versatile source of aminoalkylations and precursor to heterocycles;
x : further, it’s considered as an alternative to oxalyl chloride in the swern oxidation; in addition
x : to this, it is involved in the synthesis of adenosine receptor ligand
note : air and moisture sensitive ; store in a cool place ; incompatible with strong oxidizing agents,
x : strong acids, alcohols, dimethylformamide, amines and dimethyl sulfoxide
packaging/transport : special for chemical transport (according to IATA / ADR / ECHA-REACH rules / int.l laws)
* additional note : user declaration required
certifications : C.O.A., MSDS, GMP, API, USP, EUP, ECHA-REACH, ORIGIN, etc…
(originals will be delivered with good , and copies after confirmed order )