Calcium chloride

Calcium Chloride, Lab Grade. (1st. quality virgin matter, extra pure , selected)


Calcium Chloride is now sale for online

CAS Nr: 10043-52-4   CaCl2 

P305 + P351 + P338
R36/37/38, R52

Our Calcium Chloride is white, deliquescent flakes. Soluble in water and alcohol. Water solution is neutral or slightly alkaline. It burns an orange flame.

Used in the following patina formulas:

Calcium Chloride readily forms colorless, hexagonal crystals. Read our article, “Growing Large Crystals with Seed Crystals” for more information.

Why is calcium chloride commonly used to melt ice?

Calcium chloride is the most widely used non-sodium chloride deicer. It has the ability to lower the freezing point of water and as it dissolves in moisture, it releases a significant amount of heat, making it a common ingredient in many snow removal and deicing products.

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