Nitroethane – sterilized

Buy Nitroethane 99%- sterilized >99.99+% min. (raw virgin matter, ultra-pure)


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product name : Nitroethane – sterilized
origin : 100% made in European Union *(according to USP, EUP, ECHA-REACH)
purity : >99.50+% min. (raw virgin matter, ultra-pure)
product code : SA10855
C.A.S. number : 79-24-3
MDL : MFCD00007404
EINECS : 201-188-9
formula molecular : C2H5NO2
formula linear : CH3CH2NO2
formula weight : 75.07
molar mass : 75.07 g·mol−1
melting point : – 89 °C
boiling point : 112 – 115 °C
flash point : 30 °C (86 °F)
density : 1.046
storage & sensitivity : ambient temperature
refractive index : 1.3905 – 1.3935 @ 20 °C
solubility : soluble in water (4.6 g/100 ml. at 20 °C)
assay (GC) : >99.99+% min.
appearance (color) : clear , colourless
form : liquid
application : Nitroethane is used for synthesis, reagent, pharmaceutical intermediates, tech/lab., as industrial solvents , enrichment of aeronautical fuels , for solubilize cellulose derivatives, as well as resins, waxes and organic polymers of various kinds ; by virtue of its properties of organic solvent , is used in cosmetics in removal of the glue used to fix artificial nails ;
note (1) : store in cool place, keep container tightly closed in dry / well-ventilated place; containers which are opened must be carefully resealed and kept upright to prevent leakage ; it’s hygroscopic in nature; incompatible with oxidizing and strong reducing agents, strong acids and strong bases;
packaging : special for chemical products, in glass steel drum of 28 kgs.
transport : due to government transport regulations (ADR, IATA, ECHA-REACH)
x : * this item cannot be shipped by air
note (2) : user declaration required
certifications : COA, MSDS, GMP, US/EUP, Echa-Reach, etc. * (originals will delivered with good)


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