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Buy Somentor 32s : This Product Safety Summary document is a high-level summary intended to provide an overview of product safety information about this chemical to the general public. It is not intended to provide emergency response, medical or treatment information or to provide a discussion of all safety and health information. This document is not intended to replace the (material) safety data sheet. The warnings and handling precautions listed below are not intended to replace or supersede the manufacturers’ instructions and warnings for their consumer products that may contain this chemical.

1. Chemical identity

CAS number: 64742-47-8 Chemical name: Distillates (petroleum), hydrogenated, light EC number: 926-141-6 Chemical name: Hydrocarbons, C11-C14, n-alkanes, isoalkanes, cyclics, <2% aromatics EC # applies in REACH countries, while the CAS number is the identifier in the rest of the world.

2. Use of the product

Somentor 32 Fluid is particularly suitable for use as a base fluid in the rolling of aluminum foils and sheets where ultra high purity is required

3. Physical / chemical properties

Buy Somentor 32s Fluid can release vapors that easily form flammable mixtures. It should only be handled with adequate ventilation and in areas free of any source of ignition (eg no open flames, sources of static electricity or unprotected switches). The flash point of this product is 196-199ºF / 91-93ºC

4. Health Information

Buy Somentor 32s Vapor concentrations above the recommended exposure limits irritate the eyes and respiratory tract, can cause headaches and dizziness, are anesthetic and can have other effects on the central nervous system. Prolonged and/or repeated skin contact with low viscosity materials may degrease the skin, which may cause irritation and dermatitis. This product is not considered a mutagen or carcinogen and there is little concern for reproductive, developmental or nervous system toxicity.

5. Additional information about the hazard

In case of accidental ingestion, small amounts of fluid may be inhaled into the lungs if swallowed or vomited, which may cause severe inflammation of the lungs and pulmonary edema (accumulation of fluid in the lungs). This is a medical emergency that must be treated immediately and properly. Do not induce vomiting.

6. Regulated use for food contact

Appropriate manufacturing and distribution practices are used to ensure the quality of this product when offered for use in indirect food contact.

7. Environmental information

Buy Somentor 32s  The liquid is rapidly biodegradable and does not persist in the environment. Not expected to cause short-term toxicity to fish or other aquatic organisms. Due to its low solubility in water and volatility (propensity to move from water to air), chronic toxicity to the aquatic environment is not expected. This product is expected to decompose rapidly in air. Precautions should be taken to prevent its escape into the atmosphere and to minimize any environmental exposure from manufacturing or operational activities.

8. Exposure potential

• Occupational exposure – Refers to potential exposure in manufacturing equipment or through evaporation in various industrial applications. In general, personnel exposure in manufacturing facilities is relatively low because the process, storage, and handling are closed. ExxonMobil’s recommended occupational exposure limit (OEL) is 164 ppm for an 8-hour work day.

• Consumer use of products containing Somentor 32 liquid – If exposure should occur, it is likely to be infrequent and of short duration depending on the products used and the conditions under which they are used. Exposure may occur when using cleaning agents or paint products that contain this product. The best way to prevent exposure to fumes is to work in well-ventilated areas, wear chemical-resistant gloves, and follow good personal hygiene practices.

• Environmental Spills – As a chemical manufacturer, we are committed to acting in an environmentally responsible manner everywhere we do business. Our efforts are guided by a thorough scientific understanding of the environmental impact of our operations, as well as the social and economic needs of the communities in which we operate. Industrial leaks or spills are rare; however, spills can present a flammability problem. Our targets and operational improvement plans are based on zero accidents with a real environmental impact and deliver excellent environmental performance.

9. Production of the Product

• Process – Somentor 32 Fluid is made from petroleum-based raw materials that are treated with hydrogen in the presence of a catalyst to produce a solvent with low aroma and low odor.

10. Risk management

• Workplace risk management – Ensure adequate ventilation when using this product. Always wear chemical resistant gloves to protect your hands and skin and always wear eye protection such as chemical goggles. Do not eat, drink or smoke where chemicals are handled, processed or stored. Wash hands and skin after contact. If this product gets into your eyes, rinse your eyes thoroughly with lukewarm tap water. If irritation occurs, seek medical attention. See safety data sheet (material).

• Consumer Risk Management – ​​This product is not sold directly to the public for general consumer use. If exposure does occur, it is expected to be infrequent and of short duration. Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions, warnings and handling precautions when using their products. The best way to minimize exposure to fumes is to work in well-ventilated areas.

11. Regulatory Information

Buy Somentor 32s : There may be regulations governing the manufacture, sale, transportation, use and/or disposal of this product and may vary by city, state, country or geographic area. Additional useful information can be found in the relevant ExxonMobil MSDS (material) at:

12. Concluding Statements

Somentor 32 Fluid

• is a widely used industrial solvent.

• has low toxicity; however, it can cause lung damage if swallowed.

• does not cause adverse health or environmental effects at levels normally found in the workplace or


• is flammable; use only with good ventilation; avoid all sources of ignition

Health and safety

Based on available information, this product is not expected to cause health effects when used as intended and the recommendations in the Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) are followed. Safety data sheets are available upon request through your sales contract office or via the Internet at (insert Internet address). This product should not be used for purposes other than those for which it is intended. Pay attention to environmental protection when disposing of the used product.

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