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Buy Isophthalic acid Online: Isophthalic acid (pia) is a non-toxic natural compound with the formula c6h4(co2h)2. This colorless stable is an isomer of phthalic acid and terephthalic acid. These aromatic dicarboxylic acids are used as precursors (inside the shape of acylchlorides) to commercially important polymers. The high-overall performance polymer polybenzimidazole is constituted of isophthalic acid.

Isophthalic acid is a natural compound with the method c6h4(co2h)2. This colorless solid is an isomer of phthalic acid and terephthalic acid. The principal industrial uses of purified isophthalic acid (pia) are for the manufacturing of polyethylene terephthalate (puppy) resin and for the manufacturing of unsaturated polyester resin (upr) and other varieties of coating resins.

Isophthalic acid is considered one of 3 isomers of benzene dicarboxylic acid, the others being phthalic acid and terephthalic acid.

Isophthalic acid (pia) has three main makes use of:

• pet (polyethylene terephthalate) copolymer, which is utilized in bottle resins and to a much lesser extent, for fibers. Pia (purified isophthalic acid) reduces the crystallinity of the puppy, which serves to enhance clarity and increase the productiveness of bottle-making.

• unsaturated polyester resins, wherein the addition of pia improves thermal resistance and mechanical performance, as well as resistance to chemical substances and water.

• polyester/alkyd floor coating resins, where pia will increase resistance to water, usual sturdiness, and weather ability.


Isophthalic acid is a colorless crystalline stable. It is used as an intermediate typically for unsaturated polyester resins and alkyd and polyester coating resins; different programs consist of use in aramid fibers, as an element of copolyester resins, and in high-temperature polymers. Almost pure isophthalic acid has a purity of >99.eight%. This fabric is referred to as purified isophthalic acid or pia.

Ipa has outstanding overall performance traits along with tremendous hardness, corrosion and stain resistance, the hydrolytic balance of coatings and gel coats, first-rate thermal balance, and coffee resin shade in the coatings enterprise.

Buy Isophthalic acid Online, Isophthalic acid is a key ingredient in FRP (fiberglass bolstered plastics) markets for such merchandise as marine, car, and corrosion-resistant pipes and tanks. Polyesters containing isophthalic acid also are used extensively in industrial coatings packages for domestic appliances, cars, aluminum siding, and metal workplace furnishings. It is used as an intermediate for polyesters, polyurethane resins, and plasticizers.


Isophthalic acid is produced on a billion kilograms in step with 12 monthly scales by oxidizing meta-xylene using oxygen.[3] the manner employs a cobalt-manganese catalyst. The world’s largest manufacturer of isophthalic acid is Lotte chemical business enterprise.[4]

Inside the laboratory, chromic acid may be used as the oxidant. It additionally arises via fusing potassium meta-sulfobenzoate, or meta-bromobenzoate with potassium formate (terephthalic acid is likewise formed within the remaining case).

The barium salt, as its hexahydrate, could be very soluble in water (a difference between phthalic and terephthalic acids). Uvitic acid, five-methyl isophthalic acid, is acquired by using oxidizing mesitylene or by condensing pyroracemic acid with baryta water.


Aromatic dicarboxylic acids are used as precursors (in the shape of acyl chlorides) to commercially vital polymers, e.g. The fire-resistant material nomex. Blended with terephthalic acid, isophthalic acid is used within the production of puppy resins for drink plastic bottles and food packaging. The excessive-overall performance polymer polybenzimidazole is made from isophthalic acid.[3] additionally, the acid is used as a critical enter to produce insulation substances.

Purified isophthalic acid

Buy Isophthalic acid Online, The white, loose-flowing crystalline powder is available in bulk and in a spread of packaging sizes.

In coatings pia

• Produces high molecular weight polymers for hardness, flexibility, weather ability, and speedy cure in waterborne, powder, and coil coatings

• Complements hydrolytic balance to enhance the shelf existence of waterborne coatings

• Decreases dry instances for high solids and traditional solvent-borne coatings

In polyester packaging pia

• Provides clean bottles in a variety of styles and sizes and thicker preforms for returnable/refillable packing containers

• Broaden’s processing window that reduces cycle time and lowers energy necessities

• Improves taste in bottled water without the ugly flavor of acetaldehyde

• Reduces permeability to carbon dioxide and oxygen, retaining liquids carbonated and flavorful for longer

In unsaturated polyester resins pia

• Offers brilliant resistance to numerous acids, solvents, and other chemicals

• Gives a notable mixture of moderate fee and high overall performance regularly matching that of better cost, corrosion-resistant polymers which include vinyl esters and bisphenol a polyester for many applications

• Has demonstrated excellent performance in merchandise as various as in-situ pipe remediation, fuel storage tanks, chemical garage tanks, ladder rails and commercial gratings, protective coatings for watercraft, structural automotive elements and boat hulls, and practical and ornamental solid surfaces

• Provides ease of synthesis and fabrication in pultrusion, sheet molding compound (SMC), bulk molding compound (bmc), hand lay-up and spray-up, castings, injection molding, resin transfer molding (rtm), reaction injection molding (rim), centrifugal casting, and filament winding

In various programs Pia

• Offers a chemical platform for making thermal and oxidative solid aramid fibers, polyester elastomers, oil additives, adhesives, x-ray assessment agents, and fiber dye enhancers

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