Kemai Chemical (Europe) GmbH group since it’s foundation in 1998 philosophy has been to contribute to Society through the supply and services in chemical,pharmaceuticals, medicine, biochem industry and engineering fields. Also our group has also established affiliate companies,manufacturing sites, member associate, International Leading groups , and Consortiums, with productive plants around European xUnion. Constantly we seek to improve our technology and skills. Our aim is always to provide a growing and valuable range of research products and to reach ever higher levels of quality, and customer service.

We partner with companies across the world to establish and maintain strong relationships that allow us to source the highest quality chemical products available. At the forefront of technological innovation within the chemical industry is where we flourish. Kemaichem applies cutting-edge sourcing strategies to your supply chain as an extension of your business. Whether your raw material needs are for commodities or rare specialties, Kemaichem will be able to provide you with the best possible solution.

We believe in doing things the right way. This means operating by the standards of numerous European and international regulatory agencies and prioritizes quality, safety, and responsibility for people and the environment.

We make it easy for our customers to know that their order is being handled properly at every step of the distribution process. It is our privilege to use our long-standing chemical and raw material expertise to provide honest, valuable business to customers and suppliers alike.